About Us

Owning 15 years experience of Saic-GM-Wuling parts ,Liuzhou Star Power Auto Parts CO.LTD is a comprehensive company that is professional in the sale, product and design of auto parts, car repairment and car insurance sale. Besides, the company is also trying to develop the market such as the car beauty, used car business, logistics and so on. Star Power is professional in the area of mini van spare parts. Working with the domestic investors, the company has built three branch offices, employed over 200 workers, cooperated directly with 530 OEM manufacturers and served more than 1800 clients. The company is the No.1 in the sales in the Wuling domestic market and it is also a Car auto parts brand that is the most professional, owns most broad sale channel and has the most strong comprehensive ability. At the same time, Star Power is continuing cultivating its own advantage to open the market of spare parts of other Chinese car brands. And with the development of company, it also will expand their market s overseas.

Star Power take “warm and thoughtful service to meet customer’s expectation” as a secrete weapon to defeat other competitors and active in the market. Besides, the company depends on the modern management, responsible and achievable team to develop and keep pace with the times. In the future, the company will continue realizing the transformation and upgrading of enterprises , using safest and perfect product to devote to society and building a outstanding car aftermarket wined customer’s trust.